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Salesforce and Intacct: The Secret to the Perfect Sync

  Salesforce and Intacct are powerful tools for any SMB or non-profit arsenal – I’ve seen them in action at the amazing organizations we advise here at Venn Technology and the advantage is vast. But it takes more than just adapting the software, you have to know not only how to use them but also… Read more

Dreamforce 2015 – Top Takeaways

Dreamforce keeps getting bigger and better.  DF ’15 was no exception.  Here are the things we at Venn Technology found to be the biggest takeaways. WHOA! This marked my fifth time to attend Dreamforce.  There were 40,000 people at my first DF.  Prior to that the biggest business event I had been to had somewhere… Read more

Point and Click Salesforce Integration

In the event that you prefer to watch rather than read we have published a video blog based off of the previous post.  Get your second monitor and follow along as we point and click our way to integration with Google Sheets using Workato.       Today, we’re going to talk about integrating Salesforce… Read more

Report Notifications – Spring ’15

Learn why and how to use Salesforce Report Notifications from the Spring ’15 Release   Intro Scheduled reports are great but depending on the metrics important to your organization and the record volume it may not be useful or necessary to receive a report each day or even weekly. I once worked with an organization… Read more