CRM Implementation & Workflow Automation

Adapting a CRM to unique business processes doesn't come easy. Backed by years of expertise and a highly certified team, we provide full-service CRM support for growing organizations that need systems to scale with them.


Get more from your CRM with our highly certified team of experts

Rushing through the implementation process can lead to long-term issues, hampering your sales cycles and team productivity. That's where we come in. At Venn, our team works closely with yours to thoroughly understand your organization's unique processes. We take care of the technicalities, ensuring that your CRM is optimally set up, so you can focus on growing your company and getting the most out of your technology in the process.

Salesforce CRM Implementation: Everything you need to get started

As a seasoned Salesforce partner, we’ve tried and tested our process for implementing the world’s leading CRM. Our latest guide shares planning tips and costly mistakes to avoid before taking on an implementation project.

Salesforce CRM Implementation: Everything you need to get started

User & Security Management

When organizations grow, teams change. We provide administrative support for user creations, modifications, permissions and more.

Data Modul & User Interface

Customize your environment to meet specific needs. We can create and modify any standard or custom objects, record types, and more.


Save time and effort with automation tools. We’re able to build automated workflows, approval processes, and assignment rules.

Data Management

Keep data clean and concise. We leverage data loaders for seamless imports, set up deduplication rules, and provide field history tracking.

Analytics & Reports

Tailor dashboards to your liking. We can create or modify custom reports, dashboards, and report folders.


Ready-to-go templates for faster turnarounds. We’ll create custom email, mail merge, and community templates.


Salesforce CRM Services

Adapting Salesforce to your unique business processes can be a challenge. We provide Salesforce implementation and maintenance support for nonprofit and for-profit organizations.


Lead Nurturing

Improve the effectiveness of content distribution with automated email workflows, website configurations, and custom reports.

Lead Routing

Eliminate confusion with lead assignments. Close more deals faster with qualified, detailed lead routing using custom-built workflows.

Custom Integrations

Eliminate time-consuming, siloed processes between other core systems and HubSpot with integration. 

Data Management

Accurate, clean data drives better decision-making. Eliminate human error with data checks and automated error handling.

Analytics & Reports

When standard reports aren’t enough, our team can build reports with the metrics you need to measure performance and make more informed decisions faster.


Ready-to-go templates for faster turnaround times and more consistent branding across messages and departments.


HubSpot CRM Services

As your organization scales, your team’s processes and goals will change. We help teams get the most out of their CRM by identifying new strategies and custom-fitting HubSpot to unique business needs.

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