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How to use Group Mapping in Workato

If you’ve been a heavy user of Workato in the past (and of callable recipes) you know that mapping Pills over and over again can easily become extremely tedious.  Not only that but you could easily mis-map pills and wind up with data coming from other actions. With the visual representations as to what action… Read more

Disabling the multi-user selection in the Salesforce login screens.

I have just solved the world’s largest first world problem that very few people have. If you’re a Salesforce Consultant and you’re constantly logging into different Salesforce Production and Sandbox Orgs then you’ve likely dealt with this before. The dreaded multi-save usernames for Salesforce orgs. If you’re anything like us, we use a secure password… Read more

Workato: How to process an unlimited amount of records

If you’ve been following the feature development that Workato has been pushing out lately then you probably know about Callable recipes. Synchronous callable recipes, at the time of this writing, have the unique ability to be included in the “transaction” that started it off. You might call 5 different recipes from one single recipe and that would… Read more

Sending audio files to Google Cloud for transcription via Workato

Pretty much everyone knows what Speech-to-Text is these days. You likely use it all the time with your phone to transcribe your voice to text messages or to whip out a quick email. But what if you need to do the same thing in mass? What if you have a large number of audio recordings… Read more

Connecting Google Cloud to Workato

Google Cloud Platform is a platform for cloud computing services that very much looks like Amazon Web Services. It offers a variety of services that somewhat (so far) compare to what Amazon. While AWS remains on top in the race to be the dominant cloud platform, Google is battling their way with lower prices. I’ve… Read more

Workato helps you get more out of List by connecting it with apps like Salesforce, QuickBooks Online, and Callable recipe and automating tedious tasks in your business.

Using Workato Lists to Parse Objects and then Compose a CSV to upload to Box

Before the recent addition of the Lists Utility in Workato, you had to find a way to get your list perfectly set before you utilized it in a Compose CSV action. If your requirements dictated the need for an If/Then action to check for additional criteria after getting your list from your search action, then… Read more

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