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March 22, 2023


For as long as your sales team can remember, Salesforce has been their daily driver for hunting down leads and securing renewals. But some time ago, your marketing team found and fell in love with HubSpot, the industry’s best CRM.

With HubSpot bringing in more leads, your sales team is busier than ever. But with that increased traffic, you’ve noticed that the exchange of information between HubSpot and Salesforce isn’t as optimal as it could be.


Overcoming the Disconnect Between HubSpot and Salesforce

There seems to be a disconnect between how properties are defined in Salesforce and how that information is reflected in HubSpot. Your marketing team wants to do their job better by taking the information from Salesforce and using it to optimize their marketing campaigns. Likewise, your sales team enjoys getting leads from HubSpot, but the way HubSpot communicates with Salesforce isn't conducive to how they use it.

Your marketing team has customized HubSpot to fit their needs. Your sales team has configured Salesforce to fit their needs. But now, these customizations and configurations have made the two platforms incompatible with one another — or has it?


Does HubSpot Integrate with Salesforce?

Yes. A standard integration between HubSpot and Salesforce is available on the HubSpot marketplace. For very basic data syncs, it works well. The integration creates a bi-directional link between Salesforce properties and HubSpot properties.

However, the problem with this is that very few businesses need a simple bi-directional sync. For companies looking to sync data between custom objects, lead scoring, deals and opportunities, the integration tends not to perform favorably.

Marketing teams are heavily invested in the ways they use HubSpot just like salespeople are heavily invested in the way they use Salesforce. No one wants to change what’s working for them just to make a bilateral integration work better.


Custom Salesforce & HubSpot Integrations

That’s where custom integrations come in. Rather than modifying how you use your favorite sales and marketing software to conform to the limits of a pre-built configuration, a custom-built solution works for your business specifically.

In fact, for many businesses, it’s been assumed that, if their standard integration can’t quite do what they need, they simply have to bear with the limitations. But with a custom Salesforce integration, you can share information between your tech stack precisely as your sales and marketing team desires. This is true regardless of how you use HubSpot and Salesforce.

So, if you’re ready to sync data in HubSpot and Salesforce beyond just single instances and pre-sale and marketing information, you’re ready for a custom integration.

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Integrating Salesforce with ALL Your Business Software

But what’s more, a custom integration isn’t bound to simply link two software solutions. Custom integrations are tailor-made for how your business runs, so if you need to add a third or fourth leg to your integration, you can. Whether this is to link Salesforce and HubSpot with your accounting software like Sage or your project management software like Jira, custom integrations share the information you need to the extent you want it.

If you love HubSpot and Salesforce and want to learn how to make both work better for your business, schedule a time to talk to us. At Venn Technology, we haven’t encountered an integration need that we couldn’t implement. We’d love to hear about the unique ways you use HubSpot and Salesforce and show you how you can optimize your tech stack with a custom integration.


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