18 SaaS Integrations for Midsize Organizations

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January 24, 2023


If you work for a midsize organization experiencing high growth, then you know how quickly apps and data can get out of sync. Having integrations between SaaS apps is mission-critical to ensure high customer satisfaction and timely communication between teams along the way.

When core software isn’t tightly integrated, it can lead to manual workarounds, error-prone data, and not to mention wasted resources. Over time, this can erode morale and stunt the company’s growth without access to timely, accurate information needed to do their best work.

Fortunately, for smaller teams with less hands on-deck, automation can be your best friend. It helps employees work on higher value-add tasks by reducing time spent on manual data entry. 

Our team of integration experts compiled this list of popular integrations for teams looking to automate tasks between SaaS applications: 


Integrations in this List:


Salesforce Slack Integration



Benefits and features:

• Teams stay informed about the status of opportunities, projects, customer satisfaction scores, and other sales-oriented metrics 
Support request tickets are created and linked to a Slack channel
• Timesheet entry and approval reminders are linked to projects and time tracking in Salesforce
• Human resources and hiring managers can view job applications and update hiring process status in Slack

There’s even more things to automate using Salesforce and Slack—check out these resources.

Salesforce CRM Implementation Guide


Formstack Salesforce Integration



Benefits and features:

• Eliminate paper-based forms and manual imports with streamlined data collection
• Quickly generate Formstack docs and collect e-Signatures using data from Salesforce
• Automatically sync information collected from Formstack Forms to Salesforce

>> Learn more about Formstack for Salesforce


Sage Intacct Stripe Integration



Benefits and features:

• Significantly reduce manual data entry 
• Improve data quality and have access to transactional data in real-time
• Generate invoices automatically and collect payments faster
• Issue refunds seamlessly without manual effort
• Provide a better customer experience by offering more payment methods

As a Stripe and Sage Tech Partner, we’re here to walk through your processes to discover the right solution for your team. Learn more about our solution for Stripe and Intacct:

>> View our pre-built Stripe to Sage Intacct integration

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HubSpot Slack Integration



Benefits and features:

• View and respond to leads quicker from Hubspot in a Slack channel
• Get notified in Slack when a web contact fills out a form on the website
• Respond to live chats initiated on the website directly from Slack

>> Watch our video on Lead Routing Automation using Workato, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Slack


Zoom Slack Integration



Benefits and features:

• Start impromptu meetings instantly on Zoom using Slack commands
• Receive reminders in Slack for upcoming meetings
• Join Zoom meetings from Slack when it’s time for a call


Sage Intacct Shopify Integration



Benefits and features:

• Ensure transactions, orders, and inventory values remain in sync
• Update accurate payment details in Sage Intacct for every order
• Generate invoices automatically, allowing teams to collect faster
• Allow users to better manage pre-orders & products not yet in stock

>> View our pre-built Shopify to Sage Intacct integration


Bonus: If your online business uses Stripe payments, Stripe can be integrated with Shopify and Sage Intacct to…

• Automate invoice payments
• Sync incoming invoices/charges
• Generate URL payment links
• Manage subscription and contract billing


Smartsheet Sage Intacct Integration



Benefits and features:

• Automatically create a sheet in Smartsheet when a project is started in Salesforce so clients can track progress
• Accurately reflect time billed in both Salesforce and Smartsheet for better real-time reporting
• Enable a smooth onboarding process for team members and clients working on any given project


Sage Intacct Procore Integration



Benefits and features:

• Have payables generated in Procore sync to Intacct and link to their related Projects and Vendors
• View dimensions automatically created in Intacct from data in Procore
• Leave double entry of data in the past
• Gain financial oversight for both construction management and accounting team members

>> View Case Study for a Sage Intacct Procore Integration


PandaDoc Salesforce Integration



Benefits and features:

• Ready-to-use and customizable document templates with auto-populated fields on the object in Salesforce
• Real-time document status updates in Salesforce when comments or eSignatures occur in PandaDoc
• Centralized document storage rules set in PandaDoc for attaching PDF copies in the Notes and Attachments section of Salesforce


Zoom Salesforce Google Drive Integration


For our team, every Zoom meeting is recorded and backed up to Google Drive and linked to records in Salesforce (i.e. Opportunity). This means our team can reference them at any time, and Google Drive works as a second backup.


Benefits and features:

• Receive a resource library of internal, client, and partner calls
• Automatically sync Zoom recordings to accounts, contacts, and opportunities in Salesforce
• Record key moments in meetings to use as marketing collateral

Bonus: If you use Slack, you can create an automated workflow to notify a user when Zoom recordings are ready to be shared. This is especially useful for someone on back-to-back calls who might need a reminder to later reference and share the recording.


Sage Intacct HubSpot Integration



Benefits and features:

• Deals created in HubSpot automatically generate an invoice in Sage Intacct
• HubSpot users gain visibility to invoices and payment statues within the CRM
• Customer data syncs in real-time, providing an accurate view to customer interactions
• Gain an accurate depiction of subscriptions, products, and services performance

>> View our pre-built HubSpot to Sage Intacct integration


Sage Intacct Salesforce Integration



Benefits and features:

• Manage orders, inventory, time allocations, and more
• Automatically generate invoices in Intacct and link them to Accounts in Salesforce
• Sync opportunity data in real-time

We have years of experience implementing, customizing, and integrating Salesforce. Check out our pre-built solutions for Salesforce:

>> View our Salesforce Sage Intacct integration
>> View our (Nonprofit) Salesforce Sage Intacct integration


Microsoft Teams Sage Intacct Integration



Benefits and features:

• Effortlessly create expense entries through Teams
• Spend less time on manual workarounds between systems
• Manage expenses from anywhere on any device that runs Microsoft 365

Learn more about the Sage Intacct for Teams integration and install it for free on the Microsoft AppSource. 

Bonus: Did you know there’s an integration for Slack and Sage Intacct? Our team personally uses Slack and have discovered many ways to automate our processes between multiple applications—Intacct being one of them.


Acumatica Salesforce Integration



Benefits and features:

• Keep customer & transactional data in sync 24/7
• Improve collaboration between sales & finance teams
• Receive an accurate view of product performance, customer habits, & inventory levels
• Spend less time manually entering data between systems

>> Learn more about Salesforce Acumatica Integrations


Acumatica Stripe Integration



Connected fields with this integration:

• Stripe Customers and Acumatica Customers
• Stripe Invoice/Invoice Lines and Acumatica Sales Invoice/Invoice Lines
• Stripe Charges and Acumatica Payments/Payment Details
+ more depending on custom needs


Planning Center Sage Intacct Integration



Benefits and features:

• Automatically sync donations and payments to Sage Intacct
• Push donations to a general ledger (GL) batch and/or tag them to specific fund(s)
• Track individual donors and view giving information
• Generate year-end giving statements more accurately and faster


Stripe Planning Center Sage Intacct Integration


Fact: most consumers now prefer paying with a card and like having multiple payment methods. Payment processors like Stripe help organizations accept all kinds of payments safely and securely. 

It’s possible to sync Stripe payments made from events, ticket sales, products, and one-time donations. Without a tight integration between systems, it would be difficult for teams to accurately track payment details from multiple forms(ie. check, credit card, paypal, etc.).


Jira HubSpot Integration



Benefits and features:

• Reduce time spent manually entering project status and identifying upsell opportunities
• Automatically sync Jira issues to HubSpot deals
• Gain an accurate view of client and project lifecycle
• Fast access to financial metrics for improved forecasting and reporting


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