Sync Shopify orders, payments & inventory to Sage Intacct. Automatically.


Is your team having to manually move data between Shopify and Sage Intacct? Here’s an idea: what if when a sale is generated in Shopify, it updates the order, payment, and inventory values in Sage Intacct?

Spend less time moving transactional data between systems. Integrate Shopify and Sage Intacct.

Our pre-built integration between Sage Intacct and Shopify is designed to:
  • Manage recurring billing
  • Automatically generate invoices
  • Sync transaction data in real-time

Get your systems speaking the same language. Sync data between Shopify and Sage Intacct for quicker document generation and painless invoicing.

  • Products to items
  • Payment details to inventory
  • Refunds to AR payment

Enjoy error-free books in a fraction of the time. Automate your full order process and be punctual when it’s time to restock your Shopify store.

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What some of our clients are saying…

“Venn’s integration has transformed the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of the information we use. The data is clean, reconciliations are easy now, and we’ve saved hours in data entry.”

World Learning

“What Venn initially did for us changed tedious by-hand processes that took hours in a button-press that delivers answers for us in 30 seconds.”

Manager of Marketing & Sales Technology
National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care

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