Why should nonprofits invest in their technology?

Like with any business, nonprofits rely on cash flow, donors, and other philanthropic activities to advance their mission. With more resources comes more responsibility, at scale. And, if operations are being done manually, it increases the likelihood of human error and wastes valuable time needed to make a real impact.


How can Venn help?

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Manage inbound grants, programs, and more between CRM, ERP, and accounting solutions.



Automatically sync donations between payment gateways, POS, and accounting systems for tracking contributions in real-time.

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Donors & Volunteers

Manage contact information from one system to another for more effective communication and outreach efforts.

Year-end giving statements

Year-end Giving Statements

Send automated giving statements with integrated document generation.

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Global Currency Translation

Create an automated workflow for converting foreign currency.


Point of Sale & Subscriptions

Sync transactions, including event ticket sales, merchandise, and recurring subscriptions across systems.

Our Nonprofit Integrations

Sage Intacct Nonprofit Integration

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Planning Center Online

Planning Center

Raise Donors


Salesforce NFP

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Custom Portal

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Raise Donors


Sage Intacct Nonprofit Integration

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Don't see your apps? Custom integrations are our thing.

Our team tailors integrations to clients' needs every day. We come alongside you, learn your most complex processes, and help you execute a system that makes sense for your organization.


Our Clients

We’re proud of the work we do for our nonprofit clients. In fact, one of our first clients was a faith-based organization. Since then, Venn has helped more than 80 nonprofit organizations connect their systems so they can spend less time in spreadsheets and more time focusing on growing their cause.

OSU Alumni Case Study

OSU Alumni Association made the switch to a subscription-based membership model. After a Stripe and Sage Intacct integration, new memberships, renewals, and one-time donations processed on the website or mobile app now automatically update in Sage Intacct.


Gateway Church Case Study

Gateway Church went from using spreadsheets to now using Salesforce and automated processes to track interactions, membership levels, and outbound giving for over 259 ministries in 56 countries.


World Learning Case Study

For World Learning to receive a direct donation, grant, or major gift, Venn created a robust solution that continually watches for and accurately tracks all such changes. It reallocates and self-verifies on the fly—backing dollars out and syncing them back in where they belong.


Don't just take our word for it.


American Marketing Association (AMA)

Discover why Sage is showcasing AMA’s new Intacct accounting platform and how Venn integrated it with Salesforce to better serve AMA’s members.


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

See how we help nonprofits like MADD streamline operations so they can get back to focusing on what matters: advancing the organization’s mission.


Air Force Association (AFA)

Learn how AFA eliminated manual operations across more than one million records and 451 batch entries to GL through integrations.


Schedule a Consult

Get your systems speaking the same language. Book a free consultation to see what integrations can do for your nonprofit organization.


Integrations making the world a better place

Hey, you made it this far! See how other nonprofits are putting integrations into action to further their mission.

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Giving statements are critical to donor relationships. Learn how to generate them using Salesforce & third-party platforms.



Check out our blog to learn how nonprofits can use technology to streamline processes and focus more on their cause.