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Moishe House

200+ hours saved managing donations in the first year with integrated CRM and finance systems

Back in their old Quickbooks days, Moishe House's financial systems were “very manual,” says Rachel Fruchtman, Moishe House Controller. Fruchtman, who oversees the entire business and finance operations of Moishe House, speaks openly about just how tedious and frustrating the process was before. “It was super labor-intensive. In fact, I wonder now how we ever operated that way.”

According to Fruchtman and Moishe House Finance Director Caitlynne Murphy, before Venn completed their Salesforce/Sage Intacct integration, the two were spending more time doing painstaking manual reconciliations than they felt reasonable. Something had to give. And so, the two began exploring options and doing their due diligence to find the right partner—not as straightforward a task as they’d hoped. Soon, said Fruchtman, they realized that the world of integration was “its own whole new thing.”

“Bradley and Omar from Venn were super helpful and extremely patient with us. It seemed like we asked them 1,000 questions and got 1,000 great answers back—answers we could actually understand.” – Caitlynne Murphy

Fruchtman and Murphy admit they tried moving forward but suffered several false starts. That’s when a trusted source recommended Venn to them, confiding “here’s one you can really trust.”

Thus began a relationship that continues today as Moishe House embarks on integrating their UK entity’s information into their stateside accounting system. Venn will be creating a workflow that automatically converts British Pounds to US Dollars, pushing the data back into Salesforce the same day.

The overall solution Venn delivered not only gave each of them one full day back every month, but the automation has freed them to focus their time and attention on more pressing matters essential to the financial health of their organization in the midst of its meteoric growth.

Murphy is pleased that Moishe House’s strategic planning goals and objectives are both consistent and visible throughout its financial reporting. 


Venn is pleased to have helped Moishe House in our own small way to further its mission. The non-profit began in 2006 when Santa Barbara philanthropist Morris Squire and current CEO, David Cygielman, gathered a group of young adult Jewish friends in the Bay Area to host a Shabbat dinner. That dinner inspired the first “Moishe House” that ignited a movement. Twelve-years on, Moishe House network spans 27+ countries, reaching more than 60,000+ young adults a year.

“Venn always knew what the ‘recipes’ should be—exactly what Salesforce needed to tweak to meet the requirements of our specific use-case to make it work. We never had any hiccups at all.”

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