HEXA Containment envisioned a dream CRM. Venn delivered it — a Salesforce-based solution that reduced the time for a custom quote from 5-days, to 5-minutes — helping them grow 400% in just two years.

HEXA Containment, launched in 2014 by three friends from a garage, believed that providing oil companies, chemical manufacturers, and others the ability to contain and properly dispose of hazardous materials on demand—not the usual promise of asap—was doable. And they parlayed that belief into a business that has doubled in size year–over–year ever since. In the process, they’ve gone from buying products to resell (unsustainable) to manufacturing products of their own (scalable and profitable).

PJ Dial, HEXA VP of Sales, knew from his career selling for large corporations that a good CRM was—at least theoretically—indispensable. But he also knew he had never seen a CRM do what he wanted. So, as the business began to take off, Dial identified Salesforce.com as their best option. Initially, HEXA tried to implement Salesforce on their own, but quickly realized they needed to focus on what they do best—not try to cobble together their own solution. 

Soon thereafter, In the spring of 2016, HEXA was referred to Venn Technology. Their collaboration began with a free-ranging discussion that went far beyond the typical “what we need right now is…” to a deep dive into the company’s vision that opened the door wide for Venn to get creative. 

What Dial knew he didn’t want was another bloated numbers–for–number’s–sake “call report.” Instead, he wanted a fast, lean, smart, tool that speeds his salespeople’s responsiveness to customers. This quick action makes the customer look like the hero to their direct reports, and has resulted in meteoric growth for HEXA in both sales volume and reputation.

“Venn Technology has been with us every step of the way. They provide us guidance, best practices, and have helped us manage our product catalog which consists of more than 70,000 individual items.”


Dial believes that HEXA’s collaboration with Venn will continue to grow as they explore, together, the potential to continually improve customer satisfaction, retention, and better ways to deliver greater value to each relationship by finding ways to anticipate needs and proactively suggest innovative solutions.

“Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. We have grown more than 400% with no end in sight!”