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Glorietta Camps

“Would we recommend Venn? Of course! When you’re looking at consultants, it’s about the people… and we just found Venn to be great partners!” — CFO, MADD

Glorietta was already able to take camp registrations and payments through its website and push this data into its CRM. But that wasn’t the issue. Getting that data into Sage Intacct and matching those payments with its payment processing system was so fraught with problems that—even with a 7-person accounting team—they had to add an outside contractor to address the issues manually.

This was not exactly the fulfillment of their dream of automation.

Then, in late 2017, Glorieta met Venn Technology at the Sage Intacct Advantage conference and decided to have Venn provide a creative solution—robust, fully-automated, three-way communication between Salesforce,, and Sage Intacct using Workato as middleware.

According to Jeff Ward, Director of Finance and Operations for Glorieta Camps: “We went from an error-prone system requiring manual operations to move data to the right places—to zero problems and the elimination of an outside contractor's salary,” adding “Until audit, we didn't even know that we had system failures and errors. Now we have real-time visibility to the entire process."

Venn's Workato-based solution streamlines multiple transactions between Salesforce Invoice and payments, avoiding system overload and performance issues. In addition to managing financial transactions across the three applications, Venn Technology built an additional integration stream to deliver more granular, useful data that Glorieta’s Board of Directors can use to see a more accurate picture of the non-profit’s finances as well as more meaningful insight into how it’s fulfilling its mission.

Glorieta Camps seek to inspire Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth. With locations in New Mexico, Texas, and Washington, their goal is to be able to give away 20% of their camp-nights to young poeple—Christians and non-Christians alike—without the financial means to attend. Roughly 60,000 people visited this past year alone.

Venn is particularly proud that, because of the additional integration they suggested to keep track of statistical accounts in Intacct, Glorieta now has its fingers on the pulse of their finances and the impact they’re having on individual lives. 

Added Ward: “The investment we made in the integration project with Venn pales in comparison to what they're saving us. And, they did such a great job with the integration and with coaching our IT folks—they’ve worked themselves out of a job.”

Venn is proud to have had the chance to “Put ourselves out of work with Glorieta. They’re a life-changing ministry impacting thousands each year.”

Bjørn Koding

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