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Integrations Between Sage Intacct and Salesforce Streamline Operations and Enable Growth for Brilliant Corners


Brilliant Corners, a nonprofit providing housing and services for people experiencing homelessness, was managing a crucial workflow through an unwieldy spreadsheet. The organization administers rent subsidies for thousands of clients on behalf of local government agencies. 

Keeping track of client information, rental payments, and vendor data in a massive spreadsheet was highly cumbersome and time-intensive. As the number of clients grew, it became challenging for staff to accurately maintain the "rent roll" spreadsheet. Brilliant Corners needed a better system to automate and streamline this critical operations process at scale.


Brilliant Corners engaged Venn Technology to integrate their Salesforce and Sage Intacct systems, leveraging the data in Salesforce to automatically generate bills in Intacct. Venn built a flexible integration using Workato that automatically syncs key client, property, payment, and vendor data from Salesforce into Sage Intacct on a regular basis. This automated the creation and distribution of rent payments, eliminating the need for manually issuing funds to clients and landlords by hand. 

To ensure a smooth transition, Venn worked closely with Brilliant Corners to map fields, enhance data quality, and pilot the integration. 

"The outcome of the first project was really impressive, and it was a streamlined approach. Bradley brought a ton of expertise in terms of how to approach different situations and gave good recommendations," said Katy Halasz, Director of Data & Technology at Brilliant Corners



  • Automated a crucial finance process that was previously managed manually
  • Freed up significant staff time previously spent on data entry
  • Enabled the organization to support a 14% increase in rent subsidy clients and 47% increase in monthly payments in the three years since going live with the integrations
  • Reduced the rent roll process from a full-time job to 1-2 days per month

Brilliant Corners was so pleased with the success of the initial integration that they partnered with Venn again to connect Salesforce and Intacct for streamlining ad hoc vendor payments across the organization.

"We were familiar with Venn from the first project and had a very positive experience, so it was an easy decision."


By leveraging Venn's integration expertise and the flexibility of Workato, Brilliant Corners has been able to automate critical workflows, free up staff time, and support rapid growth to serve more clients each month.

Venn is pleased to have been able to advance the mission of Brilliant Corners to ensure housing needs are met for approximately 10,000 clients across the state of California.

Bjørn Koding

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