Five months after integration: 1+ million records. $MMs processed. 451 batch entries to GL. Zero manual operations.

Moving to these cloud-based solutions took AFA one giant step forward, but moving data back and forth between the new applications still proved too time-consuming. And, while the sheer volume of records was daunting, the complexity of AFA’s accounting needs multiplied it.

Teaming up with Venn Technology to maximize the capabilities of the excellent cloud-based solutions it had chosen, AFA now has a robust integration that fulfills the organization’s needs without labor-intensive, human intervention.

The Air Force Association (AFA) provides career, financial, health, legal and other services to its 120,000+ current and former USAF members in 49 states—while also educating the public on the aerospace power’s critical role to a strong national defense.

Venn is proud to have had the chance to play a small part in helping AFA in its mission.

“Now we have up-to-date numbers every day. When the finance team walks into work they can get the numbers while still drinking their first cup of coffee. No more manual export/import of data.” — reports AFA’s CFO, Joseph Stangl, adding “Venn did a great job defining the scope. They took the time to fully understand the result we wanted. And they were exceptionally collaborative throughout the process.”