Can I use Salesforce to track Net Promoter Score?

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October 1, 2021


“10/10 would recommend!”

Who doesn’t want to get this kind of feedback from their customers? The problem is, a lot of companies fail to operationalize it, especially when it comes to the Net Promoter Score (NPS). An organization’s NPS provides a real-time assessment of how its customers feel about the business. In other words, how willing or likely are they to refer your company to a friend or colleague?

By tracking NPS on a customer-by-customer or project-by-project basis, organizations can understand where their products and services are adding value. On the flip side, it can also uncover areas for improvement which, if properly managed, can lead to new innovations, revenue growth, and improved brand sentiment.


At Venn, we measure client satisfaction at two stages for every project:
  1. Following the sales cycle (after we close a deal), and
  2. Following go live (after we complete the integration or implementation work)

CSAT Automation Diagram

In this episode of Drinking Our Own Champagne, Venn’s Founder and Managing Partner, Scott Hollrah, and Bradley Delaune, Director of Integration Services, discuss how adding automation to our current workflow to capture customer satisfaction provides the real-time feedback we need to keep happy customers happy and identify areas for improvement, fast.

Featured applications: 

  • Salesforce: At Venn, Salesforce is way more than a CRM. We’ve built out timesheet tracking, expense management, AR status reporting, and so much more. In this example, we demonstrate how Salesforce can be used to track customer satisfaction surveys across clients and individual projects following the sale and delivery of our services.
  • Formstack: Collecting information from clients about their experience is easy with Formstack’s no-code approach to online forms. Plus, Formstack has a pre-built integration to Salesforce, making it easy to gather data and automate tasks by leveraging the apps your business already has.
  • Slack: Venn team members get a Slack notification before a meeting is scheduled to start. The notification includes a link to the Zoom meeting making it easy to transition from one meeting to another.

    Copy of CSAT Automation Diagram

In this video, we discuss:

  • Tracking NPS in real-time at different stages in the customer lifecycle
  • Automating customer satisfaction surveys with Salesforce and Formstack
  • Posting customer feedback to Slack for shared visibility across the company

Wondering if you can improve your NPS or CSAT process by adding automation to your workflow? Venn Technology specializes in connecting your most important business systems. If you need help expanding a workflow like this, we’re here to help you get started.

Have a specific scenario in mind? We’re here to help if you’d like to see this (or hundreds of other integration ideas) in action.


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