Can you integrate Procore with Sage Intacct?

Written byBjørn Koding

October 16, 2019

In this episode of Venn in 60 Seconds: Is it possible to integrate Procore with Sage Intacct?

The simple fact is, just about any system with an API (application programming interface) can theoretically be connected with another system that has an API. Those API’s allow data to be pushed and pulled from each system, either on a specified timetable or automatically when data is updated. In the case of construction management software Procore, we built our own connector via Workato that allows us to move just about any data between the two systems, seamlessly.

In one client use case we were asked to make the integration handle the following:

  • When a new job is created in Procore, create a new project in Sage Intacct.
  • When a vendor is added or changed in Procore, add/update the vendor in Intacct.
  • AP bills are initiated from within Procore but are paid out of Intacct. Our integration picks up bills from within Procore and pushed to Sage Intacct. As bills get paid, payment records are pushed back to Procore.

Why Shelter Holdings Partnered with Venn to Integrate Procore and Sage Intacct

Shelter Holdings is one of those quiet, diversified management groups that prefer to hold their cards close to the vest. Among the many business lines they operate under the umbrella of the holding company is a multi-faceted construction business that specializes in mixed-use and multi-family projects. This would be the focus of the integration. To learn more, visit the full case study

That's just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about what's possible with Sage Intacct integration packages, visit our integrations page.

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