Venn Technology


Our Story & Team

Our founder had been highly successful selling solutions for a major Salesforce Platinum Partner. He loved his team — some of the hardest working, finest problems solvers he‘d ever met — but he had had enough dealing with that firm’s big-company-bureaucracy clientele.

He wanted to build something different. The kind of company that he would want to work for. And that meant helping small- and medium-sized businesses deliver more profit to the bottom line and, non-profits, getting the maximum possible from the giving they received to fulfill their mission. An entrepreneur at heart, Scott had seen how poorly many implementations and integration projects were executed for lesser clients. He knew the fundamental flaws in process design robbed these organizations of the efficiencies they were seeking and had seen these sometimes cascade into larger, systemic problems. All because the systems they were using weren’t talking to each other and weren’t as automated as they could be. So, he decided to fix that—and Venn Technology was born.

We Are 

One team

Big picture thinkers

Problem solvers

Proven over and over


We Are Not

The lowest priced

Like the rest

Cookie cutter

Order takers

Okay with good enough

We Always

Do rigorous discovery

Take ownership

Find a better way

Provide more value

Pay our partners on time

We Believe

Right fit is the best fit

Process trumps technology

In continually learning

In continually sharing

In always doing the right thing

Get to know the team

Scott Hollrah, the effervescent business and pool go-er, donning pink flamingo-laden swim trunks and a sport coat.

Scott Hollrah

Founder / Managing Partner

Scott Hollrah pops out of bed every morning invigorated knowing that he adds tangible value to his clients’ businesses. He finds it gratifying, too, that he gets to work with people that push him to be better each day, motivating him along the way. If Scott were a lyric it would be “Hello my friend, it seems your eyes are troubled, care to share your time with me?” If that sounds like someone who, first and foremost, is in the people business — that’s because it’s more who Scott is than what line of work he’s in.

Chase Friedman, glittering with saw dust, running a circular saw through prop wood like butta’.

Chase Friedman

Managing Director

Chase Friedman is the type of guy that’s motivated every day knowing that his hard work not only provides for his family but that — bottom line — it helps the organizations he works with thrive at doing what they’re best at, not grunt work. If asked what quote summarized his outlook on life it would be: “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”

Bradley Delaune, affectionately cradling Baby Bjørn whilst writing Alt Text captions for the team photos with his sticker-adorned laptop front and center.

Bradley Delaune

Director of Integration Services

Bradley Delaune finds himself always motivated by the challenge to make the complex more approachable for his clients and seeing it work. To him, it’s about seeing that come alive. He tells others: “A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.” — G.K. Chesterton

Samantha Young boasting a glitzy microphone and a duck face. Her simultaneous hand sign, although appropriate, is no match for her disco-studded ensemble.

Samantha Young

Executive Assistant

Samantha loves helping the team at Venn be successful. She’s all about the collective wins. If she weren’t doing that, she’d be finding a way to live full time at Disney World. A girl’s gotta dream, right? She’s a firm believer that “Living Things Grow,” and thanks to her, we try to make sure we’re growing every day.

Banana Suit Light Saber

Omar Khalik

Integration Consultant

Omar is the type who is always pushing for the best from himself. For his family, his friends, and his clients. It’s this type of focus that really helps make Venn, Venn. Dedicated, and adventurous, Omar finds that “the possibility of having a dream come true is what makes life interesting.”

Daniel Ging

Daniel Ging

Integration Consultant

Daniel is a big thinker. If it’s not the thrill and challenge of one day hiking across every continent, it’s the satisfaction of creating something new everyday. It’s that approach that makes him a great fit here at Venn. One of his favorite quotes is from Orson Scott Card — “Happiness is not a life without pain, but rather a life in which the pain is traded for a worthy price.” Read that again.

Brent Bertolio, dressed as a Christmas present, rocks out with Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Brent Bertolio

Account Executive

Brent, a family man with five kids, is a guy motivated first by his role as a father, and second by what all go-getters are driven by—the challenge. He’s a natural relationship builder, which means that Brent’s role at Venn is tailor-fit, where he’s responsible for establishing and growing new relationships. If you don’t catch him jamming to the grunge greats of the 90s, you’ll find him on the road making business happen. Brent’s quote that best sums up his approach: go big or go home. It’s high risk, high reward.

Chad Nelson in his natural habitat. Chef's apron, tools to grill and flambé, and a no-nonsense attitude for cooking.

Chad Nelson

Project Manager

Chad, who’s previous skill sets include PM-ing in the Construction industry as well as time time spent playing collegiate football, is fearless in the face of giant projects. He  maintains a steady hand over all projects at Venn, which is a good thing because he’s super at it. Chad enjoys trying to make everyone happy but can be the diplomatic intermediary when necessary. His favorite past times entail playing football with Bjørn and keeping everyone at Venn on task.

Melissa showing off a loaf of sourdough bread in a funky dog apron, disco shirt, and chef's hat

Melissa Bell

Content Marketing Manager

Melissa is driven by the satisfaction that comes from continuous improvement every day, in every aspect of her life. A former Division I athlete, she knows big things can happen when even the smallest incremental gains stack up. A natural storyteller, empathizer, and collaborator, Melissa’s focus at Venn is creating content that has an impact on the bottom line. She’s a firm believer in: “When you’ve got a strong enough why, you can always find the how.” — Zig Ziglar

Marcus Jones, a crazed Atlanta Braves fan

Marcus Jones

Integration Consultant

Marcus is passionate about making a lasting, positive impact in the world. At the office, in his community, and for his family. When he’s not helping clients get more efficiencies from their systems in his role as an Integration Consultant, there’s a good chance you’ll catch him watching an Atlanta Braves game with his english bulldog, Eva the Diva. He believes: “What you do, strive to do it so well that no man living and no man dead and no man yet to be born could do it any better.”  — Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays

Steve Mickelwright, Harley Edition

Steve Micklewright

Senior Integration Consultant

Steve is a firm believer that pushing his limits, both physically and mentally, yields the greatest sense of accomplishment from one day to the next. He’s notoriously proactive, taking the initiative to come up with solutions in the earliest stages of a project. When he’s not dreaming about his chance at entering the Arnold Classic, you can find him cruising the highways on his Harley. He lives by the quote: “Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.”

High Society Nate

Nate Harden

Salesforce Customer Advocate

Nate is most fulfilled when he’s connected to the people he cares about, and that includes Venn’s clients. In his role as Salesforce Customer Advocate, Nate is the go-to for many Salesforce projects. He’s quick to identify opportunities for process improvement and eager to provide over-the-top quality support after go-live. He lives by the words, “Get busy living or get busy dying,” so you know he means business.

Jonathan likes games

Jonathan Davis

Salesforce Consultant

Jonathan’s outlook on life is reminiscent of the Nelson Mandella quote, “I never lose. I either win or learn.” With a strong desire to learn and grow each day, he is eager to get his hands on requirements and propose solutions for our growing Salesforce client base. When he’s not tackling Salesforce Trailheads, you can find Jonathan playing games and indulging in spicy foods.

Bjørn Koding, fishing for gold. He’s gold fishing. He’s literally fishing gold fish from a fish bowl.

Bjørn Koding

Business Development Coordinator

Bjørn hails from Tallinn, Estonia, and wears multiple hats here at Venn (mostly fur). He’s got a knack for making the right connections and having the right conversations—which, in our business—is the name of the game. He’s a blast to have around the office and brings a fresh new perspective to the party. Now, if we can only get him to leave the thermostat alone (55° is a tad low for us Texans).