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June 25, 2024

Future proof your subscription model and gain better insights by connecting HubSpot, Stripe, Sage Intacct, and SaaS Intelligence. 


The Current Landscape

New Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are constantly being pushed out. Tools like HubSpot and Salesforce are attractive for building out lists of contacts and deals, but they are still missing elements that make them fully functional for subscription billing. 

Thus, enter an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that can attempt to close the billing functionality gap of your CRM. However, ERP systems like Sage Intacct have different data requirements than a CRM like HubSpot. This creates a manual workaround nightmare for teams who must ensure information is up-to-date and accurate in both systems.


Common Problems for Growing SaaS Companies

1. Integration Complexity

Growing SaaS companies need systems integrated without the complexity of an in-house integration. Your systems require unique APIs to connect them, have different data formatting needs, and integrating them is most likely outside of an in-house development team’s bandwidth.

2. Maintaining Data Consistency 

While trying to take a best-of-breed approach, it can feel nearly impossible to stay 100% consistent across multiple apps. Different apps provide varying levels of reports, are constrained to different data formats, require complex integrations, and grow increasingly expensive with broader functionality.

3. Reporting Delays and Inaccuracies

Business can be severely stunted or halted in periods of data blackouts due to integration projects. A lack of data can cause confusion in your sales pipeline, delay financial reporting, and cause penalties due to late or inaccurate financial reports. 

4. Operational Downtime

Any previously listed issue can also cause system downtime. Furthermore, operational downtime can result in a drop in revenue, the formation of data silos, a drop in user productivity, and inconsistent invoices.


The Solution: The Integrated Best-of-Breed Tech Stack

By working with Venn Technology to deploy integrations between Stripe, HubSpot, and Sage Intacct, teams can manage subscriptions at higher volumes with less manual effort. Additionally, you can uncover deeper insights to subscription performance with Baker Tilly's SaaS Intelligence dashboard in Sage Intacct. This approach stops operational leaks before they start in order to allow your SaaS business to grow and thrive.



I'm in, now what?

If you’re interested in the full package or have an app outside of this use case you’d like to integrate, reach out to a Venn expert.

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