Hired: Ryan Hamilton, Project Manager

Written byBjørn Koding

June 5, 2024

Hired is a video series that gets new team members' take on what their first 30 days on the job are like at Venn.

Meet Ryan Hamilton, Project Manager (now Delivery Manager). We ask him all the big questions every job applicant needs to hear—from company culture to role-specific opportunities.


What do you like about your position so far?

I really like getting to partner with clients, understand their problems, what they're trying to solve for, and
understand some of their goals, their missions, and how we can bring technology to help them as they try to solve those issues.


Do you feel welcomed by the team so far?

Everybody is just great. The team is really well connected. There's a lot of events that are purposely created by Sam and the team here to help us all work together and get to know each other better. I think everybody's individual passions seem to further support everything that Venn stands for and that Scott's tried to create here. It's been great to be able to be on board and understand a little bit more about everybody as we go.


Has anything surprised you since joining the team?

I've been surprised since joining the team just how many customers and clients we've helped over the years. I'm just now joining the team, but Scott and the rest of the crew at Venn have been helping so many folks. A lot of nonprofits and small to medium sized businesses have grown in their business endeavors and now serve their clients better. As I look through some of the names of folks that we've helped over the years, I'm really impressed and excited to see that list grow.

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Do you feel like you have the resources to be successful in your role?

Yeah, I think since coming on board at Venn, I've been given everything that I need to be successful here, tons of resources. I think so often companies serve their clients and all the tools and all the really great technology goes towards producing work for other companies. And sometimes internal tools suffer. And I've been so surprised at Venn that that has not been the case, like so often. Sometimes we even demo or test things for our clients, and we use them on ourselves before we even share them with our folks.


What motivates you to keep coming to work everyday?

I'm motivated to keep coming in at Venn by just the great people, our clients that we serve, and really the more I learn about this job, it just continues to grow and to change. I'm excited to continue on that path and
see what the future holds.


What are you hoping to accomplish in the next 30 days?

I am looking forward to helping more clients. I've got two projects that I'm managing right now, and I think that number can continue to grow. I have several new clients that have come in recently and I'm excited to learn more about them and how I can partner with them. And I think our projects are constantly moving, so while we might be wrapping up a project with one client, there's two or three more that are right on the doorstep, ready to start.
That constant progress is really exciting.


Any advice you want to share for someone looking for a role at Venn?

I actually watched some of the Hired videos while I was prepping for my interviews and doing research on the company. I was trying to understand "Okay, who are these folks? What do they stand for?" A lot of companies say that they bring processes and technology together and that they're all about automation. But really, the people that I've come to know here, are true to form. What I was told in my interview is exactly who I sit next to now.

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Bjørn Koding

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