Hired: Randle Haggerty, Marketing Intern

Written byRandle Haggerty

March 7, 2023

Hired is a video series featuring new team members after their first 30 days on the job at Venn Technology.

Meet Randle Haggerty, Marketing Intern—since turned full-time Digital Marketing Specialist. When Randle first joined the team, we asked him all the big questions every job applicant needs to hear—from company culture to role-specific opportunities.


What do you like about your position so far?

So far, I’ve really enjoyed getting to use my college experience in a corporate setting. It’s been fun to test out some marketing tools that are big in our industry, such as HubSpot. I’m also excited to learn more about SEO and what role it plays in writing content.


Is there anything that surprised you since joining the team?

When I joined the team, I had the assumption that I would be treated a little differently as an intern and would be put in the corner doing a bunch of busy work. But, after my first few weeks, I feel like a full-time team member. I was given all of the supplies everyone gets when they join the team—a MacBook, a bunch of Venn swag, and a few things for my desk. Oh, not to mention, I was just surprised to have my own desk!


Do you feel like you have the right resources to be successful?

Yes. As far as physical resources, I’ve received everything from my own equipment but,  more importantly, I have great people resources on the team too. I come with a lot of questions so I can continue to learn, and everyone on the team has been on board in helping me do that. 

We use Slack to communicate as a team, and it’s been helpful to quickly send out a question and receive an answer from someone, especially when I’m working remotely.

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What motivates you to come to work each day?

What motivates me is the fact that this is my first corporate setting job. I’m passionate about the projects I work on, so I’m excited to contribute my own creativity and skills to something on a larger scale. I’m also hoping to see Venn continue to grow as a team and a company.


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Randle Haggerty

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