Hired: Ethan Britt, Integration Consultant

Written byBjørn Koding

February 5, 2024

Hired is a video series that gets new team members' take on what their first 30 days on the job are like at Venn.

Meet Ethan, Integration consultant.  We ask him all the big questions every job applicant and new recruit needs to hear—from company culture to role-specific opportunities.


What do you like about your position so far?

What I like about my position is the creative freedom that we have. We have a problem to solve for our clients, and we get to decide what that looks like in terms of solutioning. It could be between two options and we have to decide what would suit the client more. We get to kind of have that discussion, build a relationship, and have a solution come from that.  


Do you feel welcomed by the team? 

It's definitely helped that every Friday at the end of the day, we have “Roll Call.” It’s a time for games and to get to know each other outside of our typical day-to-day tasks. The interactions don’t feel like I am sitting there with my boss either; it’s a good time to just get to know each other better and have fun.


Has anything surprised you since joining the team?

What surprised me the most is probably two things: 

  1.  The culture is laid back in a way that I haven't experienced personally before. I've worked from home, which is laid back in its own way. But I've also worked in an office setting which was not laid back, so it was new.  So the mix of the two was new to me. 
  2. The actual technology itself. I've mostly done code-based platforms, so starting with something that's a little bit lower code was different and surprised me because it has more options than I thought there would be. The customization options are pretty powerful.

Venn Technology Careers - Senior Integration Consultant


What motivates you to keep coming to work everyday?

As a growing company, there’s a lot of things we’re still creating and putting together, and I like those interesting challenges. Right now I get to spend my time thinking about those challenges and putting things together. There's just a lot to learn and play with.


Any advice for those interested in working at Venn?

My interview advice would be to speak to historical experience where you can. There were definitely times during an interview, or even an informal conversation where I mentioned a project or technology I had worked on that sparked conversation that were really impactful to the interview process. I would definitely recommend trying to speak about things that you're well informed on as those will help you shine more than the more specific questions during technical interviews.


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