Written by Melissa Bell
On April 12, 2021

What is the best way to integrate Salesforce and Sage Intacct?

It really depends on your workflow. Here are three evaluation criteria to consider in determining the right approach:

The Advanced CRM Connector is a pre-built utility published by Sage Intacct and designed to streamline workflows between the cloud accounting platform and Salesforce.com.

In our experience, Advanced CRM may not always be the right tool for some organizations.

It starts with evaluating three key criteria:

  1. What transactional workflow are you trying to accomplish? For example, do you want to integrate through the Contracts or Order Entry module?
  2. How customized is the Salesforce environment you’re trying to integrate with Sage Intacct? More specifically, can we get the transactional data we need from the opportunity and opportunity products objects.
  3. What is the volume of transactions are you managing in a given day, week, month, etc.? There’s no right or wrong reason here, but you’ll want to consider how frequently you’ll need a resource to sync these transactions over. If you’re processing hundreds and thousands transactions, we have options for making this a fully-automated and seamless process.

Have a specific scenario in mind? We’re here to help if you’d like to see this (or hundreds of other integration ideas) in action.

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