Can I integrate Salesforce CPQ with Sage Intacct?

Written byBjørn Koding

June 22, 2020

If you’ve seen any of our other Venn in 60 Seconds Episodes, you know our answer is yes. But what and how might surprise you:

Salesforce CPQ (or Configure, Price, Quote) is the hottest addon today. We often have clients asking if it’s possible to integrate it with Sage Intacct.

So, the good news is yes. CPQ is built 100% on Salesforce, meaning it is completely accessible through their robust API. Every object that is doing its magic behind the scenes is available to push and pull data by middleware such as Workato.

For instance, if you want to sync revenue schedules across Salesforce CPQ and Sage Intacct, that’s possible. Or if you wanted to take orders that are generated by the quote builder inside CPQ, and move that into Intacct as a sales order, that can then be converted to sales invoices, that’s possible. Really, there are very few limits in how much automation can be created between the two systems.

Bonus question: if you want to pick up a PDF generated by CPQ and push THAT into Intacct, its totally possible. Both Salesforce and Sage Intacct can push and pull not just data, but files as well. So with a little wrangling, you can push both files and data at the same time, creating an incredibly sophisticated machine that reduces manual labor or review.

Give us a ring if you’d like to see this (or hundreds of other integration ideas) in action.

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