How much does it cost to integrate Salesforce with Sage Intacct?

Written byBjørn Koding

May 11, 2020

As with many great business questions, the answer is… it depends.

Let’s start with the obvious: it all depends on how complex the ask is. How many different kinds of data are coming from various areas of each system? What kind of automations are we trying to trigger once the data has moved from one system to the other. And what needs to happen once that data has been synchronized between the two?

We know, that’s not a very helpful answer. But the reality is, integrations between these two systems can range from sub-twenty thousand dollars all the way up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. And really, the sky is the limit.

The typical case for most small to mid-sized businesses though, is somewhere between $15,000 and $50,000.

The most important question to ask though, is who is the right partner to take you the distance? We’re not suggesting we are that partner, and in fact, we find we only work well with a fairly specific kind of client. We would suggest you read this article that outlines our thoughts on how to choose the right consulting partner on a project of this scale.

To learn more about these and other pre-built Sage Intacct integration packages, visit our integrations page.

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