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Written by Venn Technology
On September 10, 2019

What’s the difference between Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack, and Enterprise Edition?

In this episode of Venn in 60 Seconds: We answer a question we get all the time: what’s the difference between the Non-Profit Success Pack, and the Enterprise Edition of Salesforce?

In short: Salesforce has multiple tiers of its core CRM product — Group Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition. Each varried level of licensing enables different functions within the core platform. The Non-Profit Success Pack (or what used to be called the Non-Profit Starter Pack) or “NPSP,” overlays on top of the core platform. So the question isn’t “do we have Enterprise Edition or do we have Non-Profit Success Pack?” They’re two completely different things that are complimentary to, not divergent from one another.

Even further, you must be on the Enterprise Edition in order to install NPSP in the first place.

And in case you aren’t aware, through Salesforce’s foundation, non-profits are offered a free product grant. That gets you 10 free Enterprise licenses of the core CRM application, and the Non-Profit Success Pack can be added on top of that foundational layer.