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Salesforce to Intacct Integration

Is your nonprofit using and Intacct?  Are you looking to integrate your donations into the General Ledger? Venn Technology can help.

Tracking payments, donations and fees from Salesforce to Intacct

Synced data is second to none in today’s connected world. Digital services are popping up left and right and no one service bests them all. The sudden need to connect all of these digital services has become an extremely valuable niche market in the past few years. Companies like IFFT (if this then that), Zapier and Workato are leading the way in easily connecting these different services.

By utilizing a process automation tool you can get your non-profit’s Intacct instance synced to Salesforce and vice versus. These processes can be configured in a variety of ways for multiple campaigns, journals and entry types. With our help, you’ll be able to track and sync all of your payments, donations and fees from Salesforce.

Key Contacts

Our company has strong relationships with the folks who run Workato and Intacct, making Venn Technology the perfect consulting team to connect your Salesforce Org to your Intacct journals. By leveraging our contacts we’re able to provide world-class service to small-town organizations. We’re the go-to partners in Salesforcee to Intacct integrations.