Problems We Solve

Sales-Cycle Delays

We put an end to the error-prone and unnecessary “find-and-replace” approach to proposal and contract creation using tools that auto-generate and -populate from scratch pulling accurate data in on demand. Too, if you’ve ever had to wait on a “done deal” that dragged on interminably awaiting signature. Waiting for the signer to get back from vacation, visiting family for the holidays, or while out of town on business—we incorporate electronic signature capabilities so that an already long sales cycle is never prolonged or the deal potentially lost while waiting.  

Missed Renewal, Upsell, & Cross-sell

Applying systematized automation to a sales organization’s renewal processes while also building in analysis functions to recognize gaps that indicate opportunities for upsells and cross-sells, can help your people focused on new-business without impacting retention of losing out because of the time it takes to constantly go back to tickler files to try and remember whom to recontact with and when to do so. We can re-cast your lost-opportunity-cost equation in a whole new light.  

Common Choke Points

Whenever a human being has to intervene in an otherwise automated process flow, the chances of errors being introduced rises. And, when it comes to errors involving money, the stakes can be huge, impacting the bottom line and the organization’s and it’s leadership’s credibility and reputation. 90 percent of the time any choke point involves some manual process. And that’s true whether there is staff dedicated full-time to handle the specific manual operation or not. If the operator has to fit these tasks in and around other duties, meetings, weekends, and holidays—the delays can compound and get out of hand. Days can turn into weeks and weeks into months.

Self-Implementation Gone Wrong

Whether your staff believed they could DIY the implementation or integration themselves and discovered it wasn’t that simple or quick—or in the process of building the desired functionality they broke other parts of the system and don’t know why—the truth is that people who think they can do it actually won’t know what they don’t know. Just because your IT people are tech-savvy, does not mean they are able to see the bigger picture that is key to success. And, most importantly, while your internal staff may manage to build something that “works,” it may be so user-UNfriendly and NON-intuitive that the team it was built to help refuse to adopt it.

Delayed Month-End Close

As hard as it is to believe, something as simple as having to export records created in mm/dd/yy in Program A and convert them to yy/mm/dd by hand in Excel and re-import them so that Program B can accept them, can slow month-end close to a crawl—especially if enough records are involved. And having to perform multiple data transformations like this are often the root cause of days- to weeks-late month-end close issues. Too, a lack of built-in validation rules and controls can require multiple manual checks and rechecks that are hardly the best use of your accounting staff’s time or focus. Simple issues such as missing GL codes could, instead, trigger skip-and-notify routines that stop problems in their tracks to be resolved earlier in the process.

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