Shorten Sales-Cycle Delays

Frustrated by that error-prone, unnecessary “find-and-replace” approach to proposal/contract creation? We put an end to it with tools—like Docusign, AdobeSign, PandaDoc, Conga Composer, DrawLoop, Formstack Documents—that pull in accurate data on demand. Or, sick of watching the paint dry while a “done deal” awaits signature? We build-in electronic signing so that your sales cycle is never prolonged or deals lost while waiting for a paper signature.

Never Miss Renewals, Upsells, & Cross-sells

Automating renewals and using tools that reveal opportunities for upsells and cross-sells can help your people focus on new-business without negatively impacting customer retention. We can re-cast your lost-opportunity-cost equation in a whole new light.  

Common Choke Points

Whenever human beings step into an otherwise automated process, errors occur. In fact, 90% of choke points involve manual processes. And, if those errors involve dollars, it puts your organization’s reputation at stake. So, whether you have staff dedicated to perform manual operations or, worse, other staff are squeezing it in among other distractions—the delays can compound with days turning into weeks, weeks into months.

Self-Implementation Gone Wrong

Did your team try a DIY approach to integration of Salesforce or Sage Intacct only to discover it wasn’t quite that simple or quick? Or, did the new features break what wasn’t already broken? Just because your IT people are tech-savvy, doesn’t guarantee success. Or, that an IT-guy building it their way means your team will “get” and like it. If the team refuses to adopt it, what then?  We can help.

Delayed Month-End Close

Consider this. Something as simple as exporting mm/dd/yy-format records from one program, converting them to yy/mm/dd in Excel, then re-importing them can slow  your month-end close to a crawl. Worse yet, performing multiple data transformations like this can delay month-end close by days or weeks.

While Sage Intacct is a powerhouse, are you sure you’re getting dollar’s worth? How quickly you close your books from month to month can be an indicator.

We can automate it all and build-in controls that eliminate  those multiple manual checks and rechecks that suck your accounting staff’s time and kill their focus.