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What makes Venn’s process work?

We dig deeper. Probe further. Ask intrusive, incisive questions. Think: terrier with a bone. We dissect your process ecosystem end to end. Does it really start here? Is the data coming in correct and in the right format for where it goes next? When it posts to GL does it die there or live on? What if we did this this way, instead? (This is how we roll.)

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The process works. Here’s proof:

“I’ve been in IT 19 years... Venn’s discovery process was hands-down the best ever!”

— Andy Whisenant, IT Director, Shelter Holdings

“We threw this 120-bullet wish list at Venn, and they threw what-ifs at us, like: ‘What if we could save you money by doing it this way, instead?”

Judith McCormack, Director of Finance, Open Government Partnership

“We had the exact same process discussions internally and with other potential vendors without success. But, when we were introduced to Venn...”

Constantin Lomaidze, CFAO and SVP of Finance, World Learning