Discover how, with Venn’s help, JMT convinced a risk-averse international airport to take the Intacct plunge, bucking conventional wisdom and winning the day.

Safety, security, and certainty are hallmarks of the airline industry and airport culture. So it only makes sense that airports tend to play it safe when it comes to selecting software to run their operations. Just three, mediocre GLs dominate the industry and have a lock on it. Nobody dares consider another option. There are no risk-takers. No early adopters. At least, till now.

Faced with managing multiple airlines, gates, concessions, tenants, car rentals, fuel, parking, and more—Airports face some of the most nightmarish operational challenges imaginable. 

Bucking convention, though, one forward-thinking, mid-market international airport’s management team believed there had to be a better way. So, having done extensive due diligence, they brought JMT in to discuss whether Sage Intacct could fully meet their needs and play nice with their other systems. And, it could — so long as the client didn’t mind moving data manually as a flat-file to the GL every day.

But, they did mind. This was a show-stopper. That is until JMT decided to call Venn in and try a hail-Mary pass.

When JMT introduced Venn’s Scott Hollrah to the client’s all-business tech types, they watched in amazement as Hollrah not only won the respect of the IT guys with his deep knowledge of Intacct, but watched him break down interpersonal walls and make fast friends.

According to Harleman, he sees Hollrah as some sort of amazing diagnostician. He related that, even though Hollrah had never seen the tool that the airport wanted integrated into the overall solution before, the Venn team rapidly grasped what the client was trying to accomplish and outlined a step-by-step plan to make it happen.”

“Hollrah thoroughly won them over,” said JMT’s Director of Sales, Andy Harleman, adding “They wanted real-time bi-directional data and Scott persuaded them that, together, we could deliver it to them on a silver platter. They were in!”

Where airport management had previously been reticent to go to their board of directors and pitch switching to Intacct, they were now eager to press their case, confident that they could back their team’s maverick decision 100%.

”The Venn team members are true professionals— in my experience, unmatched in their relational and technical abilities,” says Harleman.

”JMT now has an entré into a vertical that wouldn’t have been possible without Venn.
This ground-breaking success has opened up whole new possibilities for JMT and Venn to pursue,” he added.

Venn is eager to partner with well-respected VAR partners like JMT, a company that has been implementing best-in-class software for the back office exclusively for nonprofits. 

Working exclusively with non-profits large and small since 1991, JMT has helped more than 2,000  organizations deliver the finance, development, and productivity solutions needed to meet their goals of sustainability and mission effectiveness.